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We all want our animals to be pain free and happy. Healing can help your animal find peace and to minimise their suffering. If you have a pet or wild animal that is uncomfortable or has health issues, you should always visit the veterinary clinic first. Animal healing, whether distant or hands-on is a wonderful additional way that can help them feel better.

The Healing Trust

Vet Richard Allport MRCVS writes ‘In a sense Healing is the purest form of treatment for illness as it involves no pills needles or equipment of any kind. The laying on of hands to heal disease is of ancient origin and in all societies and cultures, people with healing powers are acknowledged’ ‘Most reputable healers in the UK belong to the NFSH (the Healing Trust) which operates in a strictly ethical and professional manner.’ and has a code of conduct specifically regarding the treatment of animals, drawn up in conjunction with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, to which they adhere’ Richard Allport B.Vet Med Vet MF Hom. MRCVS 

Natural Energy Therapy

Healing is a natural energy therapy that is understood to be a flow of healing energy from the practitioner to the patient. It is very relaxing and revitalising, helping to heal from the inside out. Scientific studies have concluded that energy healing works wonders

Remote and Distant Healing

Whilst nothing quite compares to hands on or close proximity connection, remote and distant healing (especially relevant at the moment) can be just as effective. 

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Animal Healer

Case Studies

             History of Animal Healing


Animal healing has been practiced since the 1950’s when the famous healer Harry Edwards ran Saturday sessions in the yard at Burrows Lea for local animals and there are still animal healing courses run there today.


In those days Harry Edwards was so famous he was demonstrating healing to packed audiences in sell out displays at the Royal Festival Hall.

Science and Research

Research in healing has recently focussed on hormonal changes in Labrador dogs. Japanese scientist Nagasawa (2009) showed the beneficial effects on human health of stroking a pet. His colleague Mitsui (2011) demonstrated the release of oxytocin hormone in dogs when hands on therapies such as massage and energy healing were given to dogs. The hormones excreted in urine, peak after an hour, as the system has been flooded with them up to that time. The physical signals of soft body posture, dilated pupils and male dogs exposing themselves, are all familiar signs during healing sessions. Oxytocin increases trust and socialisation which brings about important behavioural changes in dogs and their humans.

          Reduced Stress Levels


Research has been conducted by Lisa Benn, a UK based healer and animal behaviourist, for her Master’s thesis, to see if healing could reduce stress levels in cats at an RSPCA rescue centre.

Chronic stress experienced by cats in rescue centres poses a significant challenge to welfare and re-homing potential. Results of the study showed a highly significant reduction in stress levels immediately following healing that was still evident 2½ hours later. It was concluded that healing could be a highly effective intervention to reduce stress and thus improve welfare and re-homing potential in kennelled cats

Benefits of Healing

Healing has been demonstrated in studies to 


  • Increase the immune response
  • Reduce the stress hormone cortisol
  • Increase the hormone oxytocin
  • Speed up wound healing
  • Decrease pain sensation
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Give an overall feeling of well-being.


The healing of animals works on  different levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It is beneficial for everything from illnesses, injuries and behavioural problems. Healing speeds up recovery from illness and injury as it allows the animal to heal itself on a deep, natural level. It is a non-invasive method that helps to bring the animal back to a place of natural balance. It can remove blocked energy that can cause both physical and emotional issues. Animal healing can be used on a regular basis to help prevent future health problems from occurring, keeping the animal’s energy field in a balanced condition and boosting their immune system.

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