Animal Healing Case Studies

Animals are observed to respond more readily to healing and are more accepting than humans. Dogs also have heightened senses to objects approaching and are more aware of their energy fields. As pack animals, awareness of a calm environment is a well tuned survival mechanism, equating it with safety and relaxation time. Animals are often seen chewing or mouthing during healing, along with digestive rumblings as the sympathetic nervous system relaxes.

We recently worked with a badger (Bea) who was very stressed, she was found next to her dead mother and was not in good shape at all and would often nip and bite in a frenzy of anxiety and discomfort. After 3 sessions she had calmed down and was transformed. 

We also worked with Eric a cat that would wake his owner up to get fed at 2am.


Owner insomnia has been reduced due in some part to what he shared during his healing. He has a new friend, a cuddly toy, that has helped cure him of his lonliness. He is also much more relaxed and feeling alot more chilled.

Thank you for the distant healing you have been sending to Max and Polly. They have both shown improvements and Max has become much more chilled which makes him an even greater pleasure to have around. Polly has mainly age-related niggles and the important improvement is that she has better control of her – how can I put it – ‘bodily functions’!
I’m delighted, thank you.

Willow, the barn owl. Only 5 months old going for her daily walk. Doing very well thanks to Dawn, Jane and Abbey

Fawn was hit by a car and is just not herself, not surprising is it? Work in progress but she was lying down yesterday and didnt try to run rond her pen at 100mph. 

Chronic conditions are not always suitable for long term pharmaceutical solutions .

The benefit of healing is that here are no known adverse side effects. The therapy is highly acceptable to animals and clearly enjoyable.






Rowland is pictured here having his first healing session.  He presented as a stressed, reactive, touch-averse dog in kennels, with an allergic itchy skin condition. He clearly found healing deeply relaxing and comforting within minutes.

Taffy (pictured here with healer Lisa Benn) was a highly traumatised pony, terrified of people and would panic if anyone approached


When he felt the healing he came over to me, pressed his head into my hands, took my finger gently in his lips, closed his eyes and remained there for over 20 minutes. With a combination of healing and behaviour modification he overcame his fears and his true happy and inquisitive personality shone through.’

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