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Discover your Potential

People often get stuck or can't quite see how to take that next step. They are good at their job but there are elements that aren't being implemented as well as they should. Do they have trouble dealing with certain types of people or situations, is there a confidence issue, is there conflict in the team? 


Whatever the problem, whatever the situation, the ‘Discover your Potential’ programme is designed to troubleshoot, fix the root cause and then get people back on the track by accelerating their development


Delivered in 3 parts, each with 4 discrete elements. Each module has a coaching session, assessments, tasks and improvement challenges related to day to day work that changes the way they think about themselves, their colleagues and how they approach the job.

Personal Rethink 

Where can you step up a gear?


Module 1: Onboarding, client intake and engagement. Timeline, experience, skills, attributes, values.  


Module 2: Situation analysis. What is the coachee view of the situation? Analyse their current behaviours and attitudes, where do they need to step up a gear? 


Module 3: Job role, career and personal goals, commercial health check and first level short term objectives. 


Module 4: First phase personal pathway mapping. Define the direction of the changes. 

 Personal Pathway

Module 5: Personal Pathway, Matrix and Infinity Behaviour Mapping Combining multiple profiles to map your entire persona.


Module 6: Personal Brand and your positive strengths. Establish the elements to retain and know the dimensions of the gaps.


Module 7: Operating environment  Where is your focus? Teams, individuals or Tasks? The behaviours that work for you and those that can be harnessed further


Module 8 Targeting the improvements– Change, Projects, People. Where are these changes are going to manifest and how you harness your potential?

 Unleash your Potential 

Module 9: Personal Timeline Navigation. Analyse 360 feedback. Look at under used strengths and over used strengths so you know where and how to alter course


Module 10: People Mapping. Analyse key co-workers so you are able to work more effectively with them.  


Module 11: 21 point navigation. Introduce a mind enhancing program to open up your future thinking 


Module 12: Action planning. Apply the potential to everything they do, create an action plan to implement the new way of working. 

Half Days

3 half day sessions with operational tasks to embed and test the changes in between sessions. Duration 6/8 weeks

Byte Sized

12x1 hour sessions with the slightly more demanding, but still role specific, tasks. Duration 12 weeks


A combination of Half Days and Byte Sized, online or face to face to fit with operational constraints

All options can be supported for a period afterwards with progress sessions of 40/60 minutes to support continued development, aligned with KPIs and key objectives as appropriate.


All sessions can be run face to face or via video link as circumstances permit and dictate.


Each instance of the programme, whilst following the broad structure, is unique and will draw on specific elements to support the coachee and may include:

  • Multiple behaviour profiles (typically 4)
  • Regular phone, email and WebEx support for in-between session activities and exercises to take coachee along their Personal Pathway.
  • Cognitive Behavioural exercises to unlock closed thinking and to modify behaviour

Personal development audio sessions and recordings

To begin your journey to Discover your Potential, Contact us with some details and we will get back to you straight away to arrange an initial free of charge consultation.

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As behavioural consultants we help you discover your potential so you can develop organisations, teams and people with high impact and endless possibilities. We change the behaviours that drive business performance.

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Customer Feedback

Yesterday was fantastic, really opened my eyes and was so insightful; can’t thank you enough. As always you were so engaging and your passion for the science behind behaviours is amazing, I really did leave yesterday with a different outlook.


Excellent interactions, the trainer has an excellent balance 
 Excellent facility, great resources, very professional.
 Absolutely – very useful insight in the subject matter with an outcome that can be used in the workplace.
 Great delivery, workshop, pertinent and relevant.
 Relaxing and enjoyable, with effective delivery.

Fantastic. Charles is excellent at engaging the whole room and making the activities/learning enjoyable

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