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Charles Tipping

Charles by profession is a behavioural consultant with over 20 years experience of training and coaching helping people improve the way they work, view themselves and deal with the world differently, that ulimately, can be life changing


His transition from people based work to animals started in 2012 when he attended a session at the Red Horse Speaks. It was here, with the help of some willing and wonderful horses, he saw how we can connect with animals in very much the same way as we do with humans. The astonishing take away here was that we can apply the same behavioural models as we use with humans to learn how they prefer to communicate and can then adapt to them to enhance the healing.

The red horse speaks is a unique Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) programme developed by coach and training consultant Beth Duff.

Established in 2004, her programme draws on the ability of horses to mirror human behaviour. The horses are teamed with skilled facilitators for courses in leadership, team-building and personal development.

Understanding that animals communicate in ways than are similar to us but with heightened senses lead Charles to the Healing Trust. Where under the expert guidance and tutorage of the legendary Barbara Toovey, he gained the understanding how energy can be used to heal, de-stress and improve our wellbeing.  He completed the Healing Trust 4 foundation workshopewhich gave him a solid grounding for healing work with both humans and animals. Since then he has evolved his healing skills to allowing for a more focused healing method that is better suited to animals.

Following his dream of applying this new knowledge to animals, Charles became aware, through the Healing Trust, of the work of Lisa Benn. Lisa, in addition to her animal behaviour and healing practice, also trains would be practitioners and as luck would have it was holding one of her transformative trainings locally. Working with live subjects makes all the difference and very quickly Lisa demonstrated how animals are much more positively affected by healing and use more channels than us. This opened up how we can work with our four (and other combinations) legged friends to improve many aspects of their life.

Now working with local wild life centres and with an expanding portfolio of clients in many counties, Charles still finds time to work with his first patient Tiger. Over the years has become a bit of a healing junkie and will let us know that he wants healing by walking to the mat in front of the fire and lying upside down with his paws outstretched. He has also been increasing his vocabulary recently and will probably be letting me know in other ways very soon!

As behavioural consultants we help you discover your potential so you can develop organisations, teams and people with high impact and endless possibilities. We change the behaviours that drive business performance.

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Customer Feedback

Excellent interactions, the trainer has an excellent balance 
 Excellent facility, great resources, very professional.
 Absolutely – very useful insight in the subject matter with an outcome that can be used in the workplace.
 Great delivery, workshop, pertinent and relevant.
 Relaxing and enjoyable, with effective delivery.

Fantastic. Charles is excellent at engaging the whole room and making the activities/learning enjoyable

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