Code of Conduct

Animals cannot sign consent form or discuss symptoms, so it is required under sections 4.12-4.16 of the Healing Trust Code of Conduct to refer any medical conditions suspected or seen, to a registered veterinary surgeon. If the animal is already undergoing treatment, the healer must check with the vet that there are no contra-indications to performing healing.

  1. Be respectful and courteous to owners and animals
  2. Take responsibility for the relationship they have with their patients and ensure that the trust placed in them is upheld.
  3. Recognise their own limitations and seek help from those with greater skills and experience where required.
  4. Maintain suitable working conditions where they give healing and ensure that these are safe and meet local authority regulations where required.
  5. Have insurance protection to the level required  
  6. Ascertain, whenever necessary, that patients have sought medical advice through an authorised vetinary sugeon and advise, where appropriate, that they do so.
  7. Be ready to co-operate with the vetinary professionals.
  8. Understand and act within the law as it relates to healing (for example, confidentiality; access to patients' records and data protection; consent to treatment; child protection; sexually transmitted diseases; infectious diseases; dentistry; midwifery; the sale of remedies, herbs, medicines, supplements, oils etc; and the treatment of animals).

A full version of the healing trust code of conduct is available on request

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