How we work with you both

Safe and Relaxed

The three stages in helping your animal or pet

Patient Intake

Together we complete the details about the patient: their name, age and the presenting problems. We also make a note of your and your vets details. If this is a face to face visit we make an initial assessment and say hello to the patient. 

First Healing

3 sessions are usually enough to make a difference and for you to see how things are improving. Hands-on is preferable but hands off locally or remote healing are very viable alternatives and are nearly as effective.

We update the patient records as we go and keep you in the picture.

Ongoing Care

Under your guidance we can arrange for follow-on healing to further improve the situation or to provide preventative maintenance healing. If this requires release into the wild, rehabilitation or gentle back to work intervention we will work with local experts to help ease the transition.

All information about you and the patient is collected and stored GDPR compliant. We NEVER divulge your details to anyone without your express permission in writing.

How your animal will react

Every animal is different but most will become very relaxed. They will lick their lips, clean themselves, yawn and may even go to sleep. With remote healing we use the owner as a beacon to direct the healing. You may even feel sleepy too. We will talk you through how to do this as your llove for the animal actually helps make them feel better.

The healing will continue for many hours after the session. You may see changes during and after the first session. Don’t worry if you don’t – just because you can’t see a change doesn’t mean it hasn’t helped them. The healing energy goes to where it is needed most. After 3 sessions you should notice a difference.

An animal’s body is made up of tiny atoms vibrating at specific frequencies.  The body has an innate knowledge of the frequency of these vibrations for the maintenance of its health. Healing interacts with these energies and help them synchonise, balance and attune to the animals own frequencies.

Healing works in much the same way as a radio antennae picks up electromagnetic waves. Its like walking into a room and sensing a ‘vibe’ you feel positive or not. That is you picking up energies. Everyone is capable of detecting these frequencies; it just takes some practice to hone it, we can all do it.

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Customer Feedback

Excellent interactions, the trainer has an excellent balance 
 Excellent facility, great resources, very professional.
 Absolutely – very useful insight in the subject matter with an outcome that can be used in the workplace.
 Great delivery, workshop, pertinent and relevant.
 Relaxing and enjoyable, with effective delivery.

Fantastic. Charles is excellent at engaging the whole room and making the activities/learning enjoyable

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