Personal Relationship Profiling

The Appliance of Behavioural Science to You and your Relationships

If you want a new romantic relationship you can of course go to your favourite app or website and take it from there. But what if you want to repair the work or personal relationship you have without the traumas usually associated with involving a third party?


You may have had some disappointments in the past and wondering what types of people you can get along with and those that will be more difficult. 


Behavioural profiling gives you insight into which relationships are more likely to work, how to trouble shoot ones that are not working as well as they might. at the same time we can give you and the other party things to look at to improve things.

Match, Miss or Magic

Trouble Shooting

Find the problems to see the cure


Personal Adaption

Improve your personal brand


Relation Builder

Build the bridges to return the magic


As behavioural consultants we help you discover your potential so you can develop organisations, teams and people with high impact and endless possibilities. We change the behaviours that drive business performance.

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Customer Feedback

Yesterday was fantastic, really opened my eyes and was so insightful; can’t thank you enough. As always you were so engaging and your passion for the science behind behaviours is amazing, I really did leave yesterday with a different outlook.


Excellent interactions, the trainer has an excellent balance 
 Excellent facility, great resources, very professional.
 Absolutely – very useful insight in the subject matter with an outcome that can be used in the workplace.
 Great delivery, workshop, pertinent and relevant.
 Relaxing and enjoyable, with effective delivery.

Fantastic. Charles is excellent at engaging the whole room and making the activities/learning enjoyable

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